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Wealth Power Companies Group has engaged in smart energy & technology business. Wealth Power Solution Company Limited is the parent company developing renewable energy power plants. The company provides ESCO & EPC services by our professional team with international standard….

Solar Farm System

A Solar Farm System or a Solar Power Plant is an electricity plant which transform solar energy to electrical energy without material cost and complexity.... read more

Solar Rooftop System

A Solar Rooftop is a system transforming solar energy to electrical energy by solar modules which are installed on the roofs of buildings.... read more

Solar Pump System

A Solar Pump System is a pump system for households, general buildings, schools, factories, swimming pools, village water supply, agriculture, and ranches... read more

LED-lighting system

LED Lighting System

Our LED lights is the combination of driver technology, LED chipset, and special lenses, including heat sink. The materials are made from Polycarbonates (PC) and aluminium alloy. Our LED lights allow the customer to save 50% - 70% of the electricity charge because of the low energy consumption.... read more

Green Cooling System

Green Cooling System

With our experienced specialist team from Thailand and foreign countries, we have expertise in producing electronic devices with advanced technology which follow international standard and satisfy customers’ needs.... read more

ESCO Service & Innovative Technologies

Our company design and develop technology used for energy management in household, offices, buildings, factories, and educational institutes. We provide ESCO services and integrate various kinds of innovative technology.... read more

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