Wealth Power Companies Group operates in smart energy and technology business with more than 10 years of experience, having Wealth Power Solution Company Limited as a core developer of renewable energy business project. We provide engineering, procurement, and construction services including total solar solution services under the brand name of WEALTH & SolarTH to pursue our vision and mission to be the leader of solar rooftop in ASEAN.

             The company aims to raise funds for the construction of solar rooftop systems in the form of Private PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement) which the company is the investor, making a purchasing agreement and sell electricity to private and government sector with discount not lesser than 10-20% for 15-20 years. The project participants will be able to save electricity costs, reduce energy consumption, reduce global warming, and become green factory or establishment, including receiving additional carbon credits which can be traded in the future. The company has a target to install the solar rooftop system to government and private sectors. With a total of 300 megawatts within 3 years, the projects are divided into 3 phases:

  • Year 2019-2020, total amount of 100 megawatts, the investment capital is not less than THB 3,300 million. After the completion and delivery of projects, the company will raise funds in the form of Investment Token by registering to offer digital tokens (ICO) through the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.
  • Year 2021, total amount of 100 megawatts, the investment capital is not less than THB 3,300 million.
  • Year 2022, total amount of 100 megawatts, the investment capital is not less than THB 3,300 million.

         And after the project has achieved the target set, the company plans to increase its registered capital to 300 million baht to prepare for registration in the stock exchange and transform into a public limited company and will apply for registration with the securities company of Thailand, respectively. The company has continuously operated business and focus on good performance to drive the company forward. The company has appointed consultants and financial accounts to create business activities, provide income and corporate performance to meet the goals, including focusing on the design, development and integration of different technologies to provide the highest quality products with longer lifespan warranty.
          At the moment, the company is engaged in the engineering, procurement, and construction of renewable energy power plants, Including being a manufacturer and distributor of Total Solar Solutions such as:

1.   Solar Panel
2. PV Inverter
3. Digital Meter
4. Solar Rooftop System
5. Solar Farm System
6. Solar Pump System
7. Solar Mounting
8. Energy storage system and battery
9. MDB switchboard and other equipment
10. Green Cooling System
11. LED Lighting System
12. Total solar solution and renewable energy such as Wind energy, Biomass and Biogas, Hydro power and etc.

            In order to meet the global economic and social conditions that care for the environment and seek for alternative energy sources, the company is committed to provide products with innovative technologies that are different and outstanding, high quality, warranty, guarantee, and insurance in order to create confidence for customers including the provision of funding and loans to support the investment. Until now, the company have installed the system on more than 115 households, buildings, and factories, which is considered a competitive advantage and a further step towards the leadership in the market of renewable energy.

             By our mission to be the leader in solar rooftop system in ASEAN and the goal to install solar rooftop up to 300 megawatts with more than 10,000 million baht by 2022, the company needs a huge number of funds and partners. For those who interest to join this journey, please do not hesitate to send in the letter of intent or LOI to this email: mkt.wealthpower@gmail.com

We will strive to develop renewable energy and technology businesses for sustainability, wealth and stability of the organization.

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