According to our mission of becoming the Leader of Solar Rooftop in ASEAN, we are planning to install more than 300 MW solar rooftop systems by 2020. A Solar Rooftop is a system transforming solar energy to electrical energy by solar modules which are installed on the roofs of buildings. The system will transmit Direct Current (DC) to inverters, transforming DC into Alternating Current (AC) before sending to consumers. The electrical from the system can be sold to government or private department as well. With the featured characteristics of solar rooftop systems which do not have material cost and land to be installed on, the solar modules are installed on the roof of the buildings. The systems can cool down the temperature on the roofs, protect the roofs from UV radiation, and add value to the roofs. The systems which is less than 1 MW can be installed without the factory license. According to the government policy which supports the business owners and citizens to install solar rooftop systems in order to produce electricity for self-consumption or for sale and the electricity rates that are likely to increase, installing solar rooftop systems is one of the best choices to reduce business cost and increase the profits. Because of the reasonable price of the systems, many people are more likely to interest in solar system. Therefore, the business in this field will continuously grow in the next 20 years.


      Solar Rooftop Systems from Wealth Power are different and outstanding because our company emphasises the surveying, studying feasibility, engineering, designing, and installing solar rooftop systems which contain high technology, safety, and guarantee. In order to reach world class standard and follow the regulation of Council of Engineers in Thailand, the system installation under Wealth Power Guarantee focuses on safety, energy saving, and energy performance which has to produce more than 80% according to the PVSYST. All materials used for installation must have Teir-1 standard and warranty from the factories. Solar modules must have at least 12 year physical warranty with more than 80% of Linear Energy Performance for 25 years. The PV inverters must be warranted at least 5-10 years. We use 100% Aluminium alloy solar mounting with 30 year lifetime. Our company also gives priority to O&M services and offers reasonable price to guarantee high power generation efficiency. We provide real-time Monitoring Communication System through the Internet and application on mobile phones or computers to follow the functioning and efficiency of the systems.

Types of Solar Roof System:

  1. Residential Systems (less than 20kW) suits for domestic and household usage.
  2. Commercial Systems (more than 20kW – 1MW) is suitable for small factories, office buildings, hospitals, educational institutes, ice factories, resorts and hotels, etc. 1MW solar system is suitable for large factories, university, department stores, warehouse, and big organization.
The solar rooftop is divided into 3 systems:
  1. On-Grid Connected System connects to Metropolitan Electricity Authority or Provincial Electricity Authority.
  2. Off-Grid System connects to batteries or capacitors.
  3. Hybrid System is the combination of On Grid and Off Grid.

                 With the information provided above, is ready to support the Government’s policy that encourage people to be able to install solar roofs to produce electricity for their own. According to the regulation of Energy Regulatory Commission, we operate three models of installation as follow:

  1. ESCO Project
    We manage energy, create EPC contract, and provide funds and loans.  We offer service fee in accordance with energy saving result.
  2. Private PPA-Power Purchasing Agreement

    The company totally invest by itself and sell electricity with approximately 10%-15% discounts for 20 years. After the termination of the contract, the customers will be entitled to have right in the system or asked for negotiation to extend the contract. 

  3. Independent Power Supply (IPS)

    The Customers invest in the projects by themselves, and the company provides only EPC services.

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