Solar Water Heater

            Solar water heater converts energy from sunlight to heat water. This heater can be a substitute for old generation boilers which use diesel or LPG gas and electricity as energy source. Thus, allowing consumers to reduce their electricity and business cost and gain bank their investment within 2-3 years. The solar water heating system can be incorporated with the economizer and the heat recovery system. This combination is called the solar hybrid system; it combines the sunlight with the excess heat from air conditioners and boilers. This system is believed to reach the breakeven point quickest. The solar water heater becomes the alternative in the energy saving installed in households, schools, industries, hotels, resorts & spas, restaurants, and beauty shops.

This system is categorized into two as follows :

       1. Flat Plate
       2. Heat Pipe

Flat Plate

         the heat collector uses glass as a material to let light ass through and reflect back the long-wave radiation. The material used in the absorber is a high-quality flat sheet. It is also enduring and stable, that is, it is suitable to be used in houses, beauty shops, and schools. It helps users save the expenses and it is environmentally friendly. 

Heat Pipe

       This device converts energy from sunlight into thermal energy, can heat water up to 200c. the heat pipes collect sunlight from every direction. Water leak free and receive constant heat. Its characteristic is two-layer glass pipes with vacuumed room in between. The interior is coated with highly effective radiation absorber. It is applicable to the high temperature water heating system in factories, hotels, resorts & spas, and restaurants. The system is durable and environmentally friendly.

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