A Solar Pump System is a pump system for households, general buildings, schools, factories, swimming pools, village water supply, agriculture, and ranches. The system consists of solar panels, inverters, smart control system, water pump, and pipe system. Solar panels will produce electricity and transmit the Direct Current (DC) to the inverters to transform DC to Alternating Current (AC) to generate power for water pumps. (In case the water pumps use direct current power, the inverters are not needed.) The water pumps will be able to function without using power from government. The system can reduce business cost and provide payback within three years.

              The solar pump installation depends on the needs of water usage, the depth of the pools, and the height of the water tanks. Our systems can be designed and developed to increase pump capacity in terms of quantity and length. The featured characteristic of the systems is a controlling system with voltage regulators and motor variable frequency drives, including controlling the level of electricity from solar panels. These technologies make the systems contain more durability and longer lifetime.

The three types of Solar Pump Systems include:

  1. Submersible Solar Pumps
  2. Surface Solar Pumps

Submersible Solar Pumps

                We design and produce the pumps with the highest quality of German and American technology with stability and long-term usage. Our products are designed for drinking water supply, livestock watering, commercial buildings, and small irrigation application. 

Surface Solar Pumps

                Combining the functional variety of pump and motor by power source from solar panels, our pumps can effectively deliver the highest volume of water from various surface water sources such as, ponds, rivers and canals to farmland, livestock farms, fish ponds and shrimp ponds. Our pumps are available for various kinds of usage and our solar pumps are inexpensive, effective, and also environmentally friendly.    

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