LED Light

  Our LED lights is the combination of driver technology, LED chipset, and special lenses, including heat sink. The materials are made from Polycarbonates (PC) and aluminium alloy. Our LED lights allow the customer to save 50% – 70% of the electricity charge because of the low energy consumption. Our products are suitable for buildings, factories, hospitals, and outdoor areas

We provide 2 types of LED Lighting system as follows :

  1. Energy Saving LED Lighting
  2. Smart LED Lighting 

LED Street Light

      Our LED street lights are designed for high efficiency and long life term usage. Our system is suitable for street, parks, industrial factories, and housing areas. Besides using high technology, we aim to provide various design to serve our customer’s requirement. Our systems include LED street light and solar street lighting with battery.

EPC:LED Lighting System

      We also provide EPC services for other types of lighting system by using modern and high quality materials with long term usage.

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